SMS Security
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Close-Protection and escortation

Depending on threat-levels, our close-protection teams will be armed or unarmed. In addition to the experience and tactical qualifications our close-protection guards have, they are able to accommodate themselves to different environments. Appropriate behaviour at high social gatherings and unobtrusive behaviour including a modest appearance are two of their most important abilities.

Our services in detail:

Conception and coordination of complex measures concerning security
International management and execution of close protection services
Armoured cars and experienced drivers - at home and abroad

Event Security

Corporate events, trade fairs, product-promotions, and shareholders conferences require a great deal of complex demands from a security agency. It is a methodologically sound in-time organisation that is asked for here. State-of-the-art event-management stands for a kind handling of guests as well as for development and controlling of access authorisations.These measures substitute omnipresent guarding and controlling today. Our clients expect that their demands, especially regarding corporate identity and corporate behaviour, are taken into consideration in the work of the security company. This objective is achieved by perfect appearance, kindness, cognitive flexibility and a deescalative behavior in crisis-situations.

Our services in detail:

Security-maintenance in the areas of business, entertainment and government administration such as supervisory board conferences, congresses, concerts, opening nights, TV-live productions, award shows, VIP-parties, sport events...
Crowd-control and crowd-management for events
Shuttle and VIP-services for imperilled guests
Reception of guests and supervision of access authorisations
Complete guarding of the venue and it´s surroundings
Development of entrance-control-systems and access authorisations
Development of evacuation- and fire-protection-conceptions

Asset protection and observation

We not only offer protection of people but we do also secure objects. Sensitive areas and assets need to be protected not only by electronic alarm equipment, but by a combination of guarding-systems consisting of both, men-power and electronic devices. They will be patrolled by our guards permantly or in defined shifts - for making you sleep well. The duty might be set up for the time of an event or even long-lasting.

In case there is a need for observing or detecting certain people you can be assured that our experienced and modest employees will be able to fulfil this objective.

Our services in detail:

Providing asset-guards, optionally armed
Close-distance observations for protection of endangered objects
Management of national and international surveillance of assets and persons
Transportation of sensitive goods and documents