SMS Security SMS Academy

The increasing pretensions of the customers in all branches adverse a constantly growing number of security companies. Substantial factors to bring an advantage in this market are cost- and time-saving and the assurance of quality. But quality can not be bought. It simply starts in the heads of the management and the staff. Therefore permanent education plays a vital role in any of our strategic considerations.

This is where the Security Management Services training-concept is employed.

Every student is integrated in a variety of active teaching- and training methods which are adapted in their didactic to the "learning-ability" of adults. The students learn to live security. The adepts will be taught state-of-the art security measures which are proven by official and governmental experience.

The following training modules are offererd by the SMS Academy:

1. Basic working methods in the security business

2. Specific methods in the field of large-event security

3. Supervising and the head of operations

4. Basic training personal- and event security

5. Advanced training personal security

6. Special course basics of the shooting training

7. Special course defensive shooting within the personal security

8. Basic course safe driving training

9. Special course safe driving within the personal security

We offer the opportunity to set up specific training courses which are tailor made concerning our clients needs. Our courses consist of different modules. Due to this a participation in each of the mentioned modules is possible.